Safe Environment (UK) Ltd – Terms of Business

Terms and Conditions

Client placement of purchase orders/written instruction/online instruction submission will deem acceptance of our terms and conditions.

New customers to Safe Environment (UK) Ltd, will be subject to a credit reference check before terms can be agreed.

On contracts with duration of LESS than 4 weeks, full payment of our invoice, without any deduction for retention, must be made by you within 30 days of the date of the invoice unless stated otherwise or agreed in writing between both Parties. On Contracts with duration of MORE than 4 weeks, interim invoices will be raised at the end of each calendar month and payment in full, without deduction for retention, must be made within 30 days of the date of the interim invoice. If these terms are exceeded we reserve the right, at our discretion, to charge interest under Section 69 of the County Court Act 1985 at a rate of 3% over bank base rate on overdue amounts and recover any costs incurred in obtaining payment of monies due to us. Our quotations are exclusive of VAT.

Our quotations are based upon our being given/having reasonable continuity of work on site, should site conditions dictate otherwise, we reserve the right to review our prices. No allowances have been made to remove/inspect any ACM not identified within any documentation provided.

Our quotation will remain ‘Fixed’ for a period of 30 days, subject to any Government increases and will remain open for acceptance for 30 days.

Where a contract is cancelled within 96 (4 days) hours of planned site commencement (survey, inspection, sampling, consultancy, licensed, non-notifiable or notifiable-non-licensed works), Safe Environment (UK) Ltd shall levy a charge equivalent to the charge for 1st 3 days labour, travel, subsistence and equipment to compensate for unproductive time/use of operatives, plant and materials.

In addition to this, where a contract is cancelled within 13 days of site commencement (notifiable works), Safe Environment (UK) Ltd shall levy a standard £450.00 + Vat charge to compensate for lost contract management time during the statutory ASB5 notification process.

Independent analytical works are booked at the time of receipt of orders, if for any reason there is a need to cancel / re-arrange the date of the works, we reserve the right to counter-charge the full cost of the analytical works if we are unable to avoid any such charges being levied on us by the analytical subcontractor.

No method statements / risk assessments will be drawn or works confirmed/planned, or notifications submitted to the HSE if we are not in receipt of official, written purchase order confirmation from an authorized person. Placement of orders deem acceptance of these Terms of Business and terms associated with our estimate document. No retentions on any contracts.

Unless otherwise detailed our estimates exclude the following:

  1. Provision of power
  2. Provision of water
  3. Permits to site all necessary work vehicles/decontamination units and equipment
  4. The provision of independent UKAS accredited analyst to carry out the required analytical works
  5. The remediation/inspection of any ACM’s not specifically referenced within this proposal
  6. Provision of access equipment (other than stepladders)
  7. Any equipment/services required to provide unhindered access into the premises to be worked upon

Remediation Works – Specific terms

Unless otherwise detailed our estimate excludes the following:

  1. Provision of Power
  2. Provision of Water
  3. Permits to site all necessary work vehicles/decontamination units and equipment
  4. The provision of independent UKAS accredited analyst to carry out the required analytical works
  5. The remediation/inspection of any ACM’s not specifically referenced within this proposal


No allowance has been made for any re-instatement/make good works unless specifically itemised within this quotation.

Site security will be the responsibility of the purchaser

To ensure adequate control measures during works we may be required to “fix” to existing surfaces i.e. walls, ceiling etc. although all due care will be taken we cannot be held responsible for damage to decorations due to our needs to segregate working areas. Safe Environment (UK) Ltd cannot guarantee complete removal of any asbestos containing adhesive / bitumen from any surface unless specifically stated otherwise.

Sub floor ducts with soil bases – Safe Environment (UK) Ltd quotation have been based on removal of any soil base to a maximum of 50mm only, and depth beyond this will be charged on a pro-rata basis. Where Square or Linear Metre measurements have been provided to us and used as a basis for quotation, we reserve the right to re-measure and adjust our pricing on a pro-rata basis. Any scaffolding forming part of an asbestos removal enclosure, must be supplied and erected by a licensed asbestos scaffolding contractor. No allowance has been made for this within this quotation unless specifically itemized. Safe Environment (UK) Ltd quotations are based upon completing works in accordance with the scope of works detailed above and our agreed plan of work. Should it prove necessary to amend the plan of work due to any change in site conditions, we reserve the right to review our prices. In the event of an abortive visit, Safe Environment (UK) Ltd shall levy a standard charge to compensate for unproductive time/use of plant and materials.

Asbestos Surveys, Sampling, Inspection/Consultancy – Specific terms

Every effort is made to identify all asbestos materials so far as was reasonably practical to do so within the scope of any survey agreed with the Client.

The Company cannot be held responsible for any damage caused as part of the survey. Due to the nature and necessity of sampling for asbestos, some damage is unavoidable and it will be limited to just that necessary for the taking of the sample.

The survey will be carried out in accordance with Safe Environment (UK) Ltd’s internal quality procedures which comply with HSG264. This will include the collection of information form the client pertaining to the site, layout, survey requirements and client induced limitations/requests. Safe Environment (UK) Ltd cannot take responsibility for any survey shortcomings, loss or damages resulting from incomplete or inaccurate information provided by the client. This includes insufficient property floorplans failing to highlight areas then not covered by the survey/inspection. Floorplans drawn up by Safe Environment (UK) Ltd’s surveyors/technicians/consultants cannot be deemed to be 100% accurate and are purely to serve as an indication of the location of asbestos containing materials and limitations specific to areas.

Survey techniques involve trained and experienced surveyors using the combined approach of visual examination and the necessary bulk sampling. It is always possible after a survey that asbestos containing materials of one sort or another may remain in the property or area covered by that survey and this could be due to various reasons, including the following:

  1. Asbestos materials existing within areas not specifically covered by the agreed survey/report are therefore outside the scope of the survey.
  2. Asbestos may well be hidden as part of the structure to a building and not visible until the structure is dismantled at a later date.
  3. Debris from previous asbestos removal projects may well be present in some areas; general asbestos debris does not form part of a survey unless specifically agreed. However, all good intentions are made for its discovery.
  4. Where an area has been previously stripped of asbestos i.e. plant rooms, ducts etc and new coverings added, it must be pointed out that asbestos removal techniques have improved steadily over the years since its introduction. Most notably would be the Control Asbestos at Work Regulations (1987) laying down certain enforceable guidelines. Asbestos removal prior to this regulation would not be of today’s standard and therefore debris may be present below new coverings.
  5. A survey will detail all areas accessed and all samples taken, where an area is not covered by the survey it will be due to access for one reason or other i.e. working operatives, sensitive location or just simply no access.
  6. Access for the survey may be restricted beyond the Company’s control, such as height, inconvenience to others
  7. immovable obstacles or confined space. Where electrical equipment, heating and ventilation, live boilers, hot working hazards or other hazards is present and presumed in the way of the survey, no access will be attempted until proof of its safe state is given. The Company’s operatives have a duty of care under the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) for both themselves and others.
  8. Where asbestos or suspected asbestos containing materials are discovered it will not always be possible to fully investigate areas hidden behind other materials or otherwise obscured by the structure or fabric of the building. It may be necessary to make additional visits and in some cases employ a suitably qualified contractor to remove all or part of the material or otherwise take steps to provide access. No costs for any such additional visits or the employment of a suitable contractor are included within the quotation.
  9. In the building where asbestos has been located and it is clear that not all areas have been investigated, any material that it is found to be suspicious and not detailed as part of the survey should be treated with caution and sampled accordingly.
  10. Certain materials contain asbestos to varying degrees and some may be less densely contaminated at certain locations
  11. (Artex for example). Where this is the case the sample taken may not be representative of the whole product throughout.
  12. Where a survey is carried out under the guidance of the owner of the property, or his representative, then the survey will be as per his instructions and guidance at that time.

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