my:Safe is the starting point for efficient, comprehensive, and cost-saving compliance.  

The unique online portal, co-managed by you and our expert consultants, breathes clarity into your portfolio, puts an end to lengthy delays, and unlocks the potential in your workforce.

Intuitive and flexible, it underpins and responds to all other services offered by Safe:Environment and, in doing so, creates a perfect synergy between them.  We call this synergy our Managed Integrated Solutions (MIS).

Most asbestos works are non-licensable.  So why pay for a licensed contractor?

With my:Safe installed at the heart of your operations, you don’t have to.  

Through comprehensive training and full background supervision from our expert asbestos consultants, our Managed Integrated Solutions enable your work force to undertake non-licensed remedials, removals and reinspections, eradicating inefficient use of time and resources.

This Means:

An end to your reliance on licensed contractors, and the inherrent delays and costs

Full training from our expert asbestos consultants and qualfied teaching staff

Non-licensed works carried out legally and safely by your workforce, your timescales and immediately upon your instruction

24/7 instantaneous multi-media support from Safe:Environment’s experienced consultants

Our app lets your staff or contractors up date the platform in real time

Seamless automated transition to an intuitive, concise and comprehensive compliance portal, accessible when, where and by whom you choose

Automatic updates of records to your interactive asbestos and property compliance registers

Tax Relief Assistance, entitling you to a 150% cash rebate on all asbestos related works


Contact us to arrange a free trial, or read on to discover the My:Safe suite

The Portal


Dashboard: giving you an instant, straightforward summary of your compliance

Centralised interactive asbestos registers: automatically imported from your records and updated after surveys or works are completed

Interactive floor plan tool: bringing visual clarity to your properties

Integrated calendar: your personal assistant, reminding you of planned works and upcoming deadlines

Automated, custom e-mail reminders

Commision, track, and complete works with one click from any location

Unlimited user accounts with customisable permission levels

Free, unlimited 24/7 support via live chat, e-mail or phone

Fast-track incident reporting, triggering dispatch of our emergency response team and comprehensive management of the situation on your behalf

Fully HSE/HSG 264 compliant

The App


Compatible with iOS and Android devices

The power of my:Safe in the hands of your workforce

Instant access to asbestos registers and floor plans, keeping your workforce safe

Inspection tool allows in-house technicians to communicate instantly with Safe:Environment consultants, using evidence gathered by your workforce on site

Remedial tool allows your workforce to obtain instant authorisation for undertaking unlicensed works in your properties, while Safe:Environment directly ensure legality, compliance, certification and safety of the project

Fast-track incident reporting tool is built into the app, triggering dispath of Safe:Environment’s emergency response team and comprehensive management of the situation



The freedom to undertake asbestos related works in-house, with compliance and safety audited by Safe:Environment

The freedom for the duty holder to program works, overseen by Safe:Environment’s consultants

Full training for your workforce in non-licensed removals and remedials, including Face-fit Testing

Full training for duty holders in safeguarding their workforce

All Safe:Environment’s services are one click away, at preferential rates to our subscribers

Consortium of licensed contractors at hand, offering preferential rates to our subscribers due to the consortium effect

End-to-end works completions, from instruction to certification, ensured by Safe:Environment consultants, with regular reporting to the duty holder

Tax Relief Assistance for our subscribers, allowing a cash rebate of 150% on all asbestos works


To view a property asbestos register, login and use the following steps:

  1. Click the ‘Properties’ tab at the top of the page
  2. You can donwload a PDf copy of the current register from here by clicking the ‘Download Register’ button from the appropriate property listing
  3. Alterntaively, click on the property image or header to access details
  4. Now click the ‘Asbestos Register’ tab
  5. This now displays the register, click any column header in order to ‘sort’ by that field
  6. Click the ‘Download Register’ button for a pdf copy.


You can view the asbetsos details for a particular room/area by logging in and folloing the below steps:

  1. Click the ‘Properties’ tab
  2. Now search for and select the property you wish to view by clicking the propty image or header
  3. Now click the ‘Floorplans’ tab and click the floor listing tab yo wish to view
  4. Hover over the room/location you are looking for and the room name will be displayed
  5. ‘Red’ labels represent identified asbetsos in the area or presumed asbestos as no survey has been completed
  6. ‘Green’ labels represent an area with no asbestos identified where a Management survey has been carried out
  7. Click on the area to view the asbestos register and survey info for that location