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Safe:Environment’s multi-skilled engineers are experienced in all fields of asbestos maintenance and are, therefore, able to complete various works (from survey, to removal, to re-inspection) within one visit.  This avoids the delays inherent in commissioning multiple contractors to undertake each discreet element of the process.

Our fast turnaround service is supported by a portfolio of approved independent analytical contrators responsible for air monitoring and bulk sample analysis; each of whom is accredited to ISO17025 by UKAS.

All of our quality control procedures are mapped to UKAS requirements.

Key features of our survey and analytical services:

  • Management and Refurbishment/Demolition Surveys to HSG 264
  • Independent air monitoring and sampling
  • Bulk sample analysis
  • Flat Rate, Guaranteed 4 Hour Emergency Sampling Service
  • Standard 24/48 Hour Sampling Service
  • E-mailed and cloud hosted documentation results



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Safe:Environment offers a complete project service covering Licensed, Notifiable and Non-licensed asbestos removal works as categorised by the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

Our aim is bold: our vision is a revolutionised approach to the asbestos compliance industry. At Safe:Environment we are already working to industry leading standards in the following criteria:

  • Cost-effective solutions, with our services costing you an average of 30% less than the industry standard
  • Integrated Project Services, providing an end-to-end product from survey to completion, eliminating the need for our client to manage multiple contractors
  • 24 hour mobile teams, operating across the country, ready to undertake minor removal, repair, encapsulation, enclosure and clean-up operations from an industry leading two hours after your instruction
  • Bespoke Service in line with the requirements pertaining to our client’s sector, be it housing services; licensed trade; office letting; or other retail / leisure businesses

Enabling and Reinstatement Works

In addition to removals, Safe:Environment employs multi-skilled technicians qualified through City & Guilds and NVQ in a wide range of allied trades . This allows for a single-visit compliance service whereby any plastering, plumbing, joinery or electrical jobs facilitating or resulting from asbestos interventions can be completed immediately and at competitive rates. Once on site, our technicians can work quickly, independently and safely to ensure an end-to-end service: thus saving you time and money.

Examples of our end-to-end enabling / re-instatement services:

  • Service isolation
  • Plastering, dry lining, over-boarding
  • Replacement floor tiling
  • Gas fire servicing, removal, replacement (where ACMs are present)
  • Boiler removal (containing ACMs)
  • Asbestos cement roof/roof tile repairs/replacements
  • Asbestos flue pipe replacement
  • Redecoration

Face Fit Testing


The expense associated with asbestos removal can appear onerous for a company with a property portfolio, but help is at hand!

Did you know that removal of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) is subject to a 150% tax rebate?  This concession was introduced in the 2001 Finance Act to encourage the use of brown-field sites, but is applicable to all ACMs in all building types.

Providing that the ACMs were installed prior to your ownership of the property, and that the owning party is a company (as opposed to sole-trader, partner trustee, or individual), Safe:Environment will provide you with all the necessary documentation and expert support in claiming your 150% rebate.


  • Your company commissions a £10,000 ACM removal project with Safe:Environment (this could be as part of a wider refurbisment)
  • Your tax liability is reduced by up to £4,500 (£10,000 x 150% x 30%)
  • Safe:Environment prepare the comprehensive documentation and support that you need to claim your cash rebate – even if your company records a loss


Safe:Environment understand that asbestos issues can arise at any time, and that very occasionally accidents will happen. We also appreciate the significant concerns for individuals and organisations elicited by these incidents.

In addition to supporting you in preventing exposure to incidents, we offer specialist services to deal with all eventualities when an incident does arise. Safe:Environment’s expert consultants will assume the responsibility of managing the situation, affording you and your staff peace of mind.

Your initial point of contact is ‘Safe~Line’, our 24-hours per day, 365 days per year telephone advice service. From this initial phone call we will gather all the available information, advise you of the immediate actions to take, and deploy a senior consultant to the location as a matter of urgency.

The facilities comprising our emergency response service are:

  • Safe Line 24 hour telephone expert advice service
  • Instant deployment of a senior consultant to investigate, advise and organise required actions
  • Full mobile decontamination service
  • 24 hour analyst availability
  • Operatives on hand to safeguard the location and affected persons
  • Alternative accommodation provision
  • Full accident/incident investigation service
  • Regular client progress updates
  • Comprehensive incident control report for your compliance records


The RPE Regulations 1992 require that all tight-fitting respirators (including disposable masks) are suited to the wearer and offer the required protection factor. This requirement concerns prevention of exposure to asbestos, but also to silica and wood dust.

In order to assess mask suitability a face fit test must be carried out. This can be done in one of two ways (depending on the respirator/mask type):

Quantitative: this method provides accurate readings of particles inside and outside the mask and confirms if leaks are present and whether or not a satisfactory fit is achieved.

Qualitative: this method involves the use of a ‘bitrex’ solution which is sprayed into the breathing path of the individual whilst wearing the mask. If the wearer can taste the solution this indicates leaks and an unsatisfactory fit.

Safe:Environment can deploy qualified Face Fit Assessors offering both of the above services. All of our assessors have been trained by ‘Fit2Fit’ accredited providers, ensuring that stringent quality and auditing procedures are followed.

Face fit testing can be conducted at our training centre in tandem with other training events. If preferred, our assessors are equipped and ready to conduct testing at any location.


Safe:Environment can handle much more than just asbestos waste disposal.  Because we are registered with the Environment Agency as licensed ‘Hazardous Waste Carriers’ and ‘Mobile Hazardous Waste Producers’, you can be assured that no matter what your contamination issue, we have a solution to ensure your safety and compliance.  So, if it’s ACMs, fly-tipped cement sheeting, or a discarded fridge, we can provide a fast and reasonable solution.

  • Fully competent, experienced and licensed technicians available 24 hours a day
  • Prompt collection, clean-up, and disposal in one visit
  • Peace of mind that materials are only ever disposed of at Environment Agency licensed transfer stations
  • ‘Waste Consignment Note’ issued on completion, ensuring that compliance with ‘Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012’ and ‘Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005’ can be easily evidenced


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Because compliance is an ongoing process, Safe:Environment’s consultants assist you in planning and implementing strategies to ensure that everything happens on time, to the letter of the law.

Preparation of management policies is a laborious yet vital first step to compliance.  Safe:Environment provide the framework to which your organisation’s specific requirements are applied, and will quality check every last letter of the policy in order that it conforms to HSE guidelines.

We will provide timely reminders of the biannual management policy review, and assist in its completion.

  • Management Policy preparation and review
  • Survey strategy development
  • Portfolio archetyping service
  • Re-inspection audits
  • Compliance audits


EPCs are a statutory requirement for any property being built, sold or rented. All EU member states have agreed to use EPCs as a tool in the global effort to reduce carbon emissions and battle climate change.

For landlords this means procuring an EPC whenever a property is listed for rent, or when the property is subsequently altered (e.g. refurbished, room layout changed). Across a portfolio this process can seem onerous, however Safe:Environment’s approach to multiple-outcome visits means that an EPC assessment can take place alongside other works, thus reducing the cost. Even when conducted in isolation, Safe:Environment’s EPC assessments can be offered at market leading rates to our my:Safe clients.

  • All EPCs automatically uploaded to my:Safe, for your instant compliance overview
  • All EPCs assessed and issued by level 3 (minimum) qualified assessors
  • Favourable rates for batch assessments

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